Riverside - The Board of Directors of Riverside ExCITE voted to support Legis’s development of a collaborative policy generation platform and e-courses. Legis's activities in these areas can democratize access to the policy-making and assessment processes, reduce the time required to draft an effectively implementable law, and enable us to overcome barriers to developing socially beneficial laws.

ExCITE’s support will accelerate Legis’s rate of technological innovation, facilitating our efforts to: 

• expand access to effective strategies for legislative assessment and policy formulation beyond members of the existing policy elite (experts), to a broader range of stakeholders who are likely to be affected by the new policies/laws and groups desirous of participating in policy-making processes;

• provide policy-makers with access to more information about the nature and causes of problems that they are addressing, so as to strengthen the evidentiary basis of their proposals and decisions;

• increase the accountability of elected representatives for acting in the public interest by increasing the transparency of the law-making process to voters; and

• logically organize distributive inputs, and generate research reports that justify, elucidate the probable costs and benefits of, and predict implementation problems related to, proposed legislative provisions.