Legis experts "excel at identifying challenges people are having in effectively utilizing evidence-based law as a tool for democratic social change within their country-specific circumstances, and at working with them to develop new internal processes, analytical tools, and ongoing learning processes to overcome identified obstacles to effective lawmaking."

- Robert Seidman, J.D., founder of legislative problem-solving theory

Legis experts, advisors, and instructors include

  • Legislative policy development and drafting experts with an average of 15 years’ experience in legislative policy development and drafting for hundreds of laws, regulations, and legislative amendments in over 40 countries
  • Mediation and facilitation experts who have facilitated collaborative problem-solving processes locally, for national Governments, and as international consultants for the United Nations, German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Australian Agency for International Development, and United States Agency for International Development
  • Parliamentary specialists who have conducted orientations for incoming Members of Parliament, served in national and provincial Assemblies, and assisted Members in assessing draft legislation, participating in committee meetings, and writing reports
  • Media specialists, including news columnists and documentary filmmakers



  • Instructional design specialist with 20 years’ experience developing courses for major universities and international organizations
  • Academic advisors who include faculty members at major universities
  • Expert authors with publications on topics including legislative policy development, legislative assessment, and civil society input mechanisms
  • Political party experts with decades of experience developing the organization of political parties
  • Ministry experts, including senior-level civil servants with deep experience in policy, planning, development, and program management
  • Information technology specialists who have worked for some of the leading IT companies globally, served as advisors to e-governance initiatives, and designed an international legislative assessment web interfaces