Developing and Amending Legislation to Solve Problems

Our advisors, experts, and instructors have worked with Members of Parliament, Government officials, researchers, and drafters in more than forty countries as they develop, draft, and amend legislative provisions that address the causes of long-standing social, economic, and environmental problems. To do this, we facilitate multi-stakeholder research, legislative and regulatory drafting, monitoring and evaluation processes, and law reform.

Developing Online Spaces for Improving Policy and Legislation

We work with ministries, parliamentary staff, universities, and economic and civil society leaders to design digital fora where they can coordinate to improve proposed policy and legislation. Instead of relying on often vague notice-and-comment feedback or contentious public hearings, policy and legislation developers can receive targeted, structured feedback on specific proposals and provisions. Economic and civil society leaders can offer their expertise and evidence through convenient interfaces that ensure their voices are heard. 

Designing Institutions to Support Effective Legislation Development and Law Reform

Legis tailors interventions to build on an institution’s existing strengths and address its unique challenges. We begin the needs assessment process by using our unique institution-mapping and assessment system to identify repetitive patterns of behavior that undermine institutional fairness, effectiveness, and efficacy. Our clients and partners have used our resources to improve

  • legislative drafting processes in Government ministries and in parliaments,
  • public hearings and the use of public input to law and regulations,
  • monitoring and evaluation of legislation as it is implemented,
  • law reform processes
  • court functioning

Legis designs programs to produce sustainable outcomes, offering timely, targeted interventions or ongoing support over time as needed.